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When Knowing Matters



OSINT Agency LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) business that provides open-source actionable intelligence services to enhance investigations. Specializing in gathering OSINT data, analyzing, and reducing data into meaningful information resulting in a final product deliverable. The main objective is to provide clients with a collection of legitimately obtained factual cognizant decision-making data and evidentiary materials that are appropriately documented for personal, business, and judicial matters. 

Why is OSINT Intelligence so important ?

Today, people rely on the internet and technology for everything ranging from simplistic i.e., ordering a pizza to horrendous i.e., paying someone in crypto currency to assassinate an individual.

The list of internet user’s methods of communication  is quite extensive and because of this human behavioral trait, it opens a legitimate window of opportunity for trained OSINT Investigative analysts to employ their analytical and critical thinking skills. OSINT agency uses methodologies to thoroughly research, document, and secure mission focused data.

OSINT AGENCY LLC reports are beneficial to those who may be bogged down by processes, bureaucracy, or insufficient technical capabilities in securing supporting evidence, reducing overhead research and investigation expenses.

Here is a generalized summary of those that use OSINT intelligence services and explainations why.

State and Federal Government Agencies

To defend national security, counter terrorism, cyber tracking terrorist, fraud.

Law Enforcement

To identify perpetrators and protect citizens from criminal activities, to solve crimes i.e., homicides, missing persons, child molestation, online child pornography, human trafficking, illegal drug trade, illegal gun trade, pedophilia rings, stolen property, etc.


There are many reasons why businesses require OSINT intelligence. Some want a viable edge over their competition, others to secure evidence of fraudulent claims, locate real property automobiles, airplanes, boats,  locate  skipped bond, employee misconduct.

General Public

Protection of oneself and others, Unsuitable Parent Child Custody Cases, Fraud lawsuit claims, Dating, Impostors, Bullying, Threats, Cyber Stalking, Online Infidelity, Pre-Matrimonial checks, Divorce, Hidden asset searches,  Parental suspicions of inappropriate online interactions, (provocative images, and behavior. i.e.; adult sites, arranging meetups) recovering stolen property.  Locating the whereabouts of individuals for legitimate reasons.


Each case scenario is unique therefore the following is a collection of possible methodologies that may be employed during the intelligence collection process.​