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When Knowing Matters


Client Reviews

Thank you, so much valuable information! I very much appreciate it.  7/12/2021 

Working with you in the past and seeing firsthand how you convey your positive findings etc.; you will have much success in this world of craziness!! 7/12/2021

Thanks for your hard work. I appreciate you. 7/12/2021

It was an honor to represent the family.  Believe me, all your incredible hard work paid off as well.  We made a good team. July 7, 2021 

What a vicious violent monster!!  Great work! March 8, 2021 

I am inspired by your selflessness in aiding others during such a difficult time. You are an inspiration to me and have touched our company in a way I am not sure you can imagine. We would like to highlight your effort to support missing persons on our popular YouTube program. We feel strongly that your efforts and inspiration should be shared with other likeminded people.  6/17/2020 

You did a great job!  Not everyone is so adept at this kind of analysis, and you clearly show a real aptitude for it.  9/23/2019 

That is a phenomenal story and investigation on your behalf.  Such a sad story, what a shame what happened to him and the suffering his family is going through.  Congrats on bringing some closure to them and on such a successful investigation, amazing how you put that puzzle together and connected the dots!!!  10/1/2020 

This intel you forward to me is a home run, I very much appreciate it. 10/1/2020  

Great work thanks you so much!  10/13/2021