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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed and insured business?

OSINT Agency LLC is:

  • A Maryland licensed business.
  • Listed with DUNS and Bradstreet.
  • Listed as a contractor with 
  • Listed as a verified SDVOSB.

How much do your services cost?

  • A free 15-minute consultation is offered as an opportunity for you to discuss in detail what your specific service needs are and what options are available to you.
  • Service costs is established based on the intricacy of the case and the requested service(s).
  • A retainer fee and a signed contract is mandatory prior to the onset of any services being provided.
  • All contracts are personalized to meet your specific service needs.
  • There are no hidden fees or added on costs.

Payment Methods

OSINT Agency LLC accepts certified checks, money orders, credit (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Square).

Revolving 30-day invoicing is available to licensed businesses, agencies, or organizations up request and approval.

How long will it take?

Some assignments are fulfilled the same day others may take a week, several weeks, or several months it depends on the circumstances surrounding the requested services.

How do I receive my reports?

A secured client portal URL, username and password will be issued to you in which you may check at any time for posted updates. All data, work logs, videos, images recovered will be uploaded to your assigned portal for inspection. 

At the completion of the investigation the final deliverable can be sent electronically or via one day priority postal mail signature required (as per the client’s request).

Some clients prefer verbal reports via telephone (as per the client’s request).

Do you guarantee your OSINT Intelligence services?

No one can 100% guarantee that the sought-after information will be discovered but all legitimate efforts will be made to secure the factual answers you are seeking, if at any time it is determined that said endeavors are unsuccessful you will be immediately notified, and all attempts will be aborted, and a refund issued for any unworked hours based upon the contract agreement.

Privacy and Confidentiality

OSINT Agency LLC securely maintains and treats all information, data, images, papers, documents etc. as 100% confidential information.

No one outside OSINT Agency LLC is permitted to review any documentation with the exception the hiring client or by court order.

A signed release of information form from the hiring client must be received prior to the release of any information to all additional parties.

Pro Bono Cases - Privacy and Confidentiality

OSINT Agency LLC securely maintains and treats all information, data, images, papers, documents etc. of missing person(s) as 100% confidential information.

Notwithstanding whom applied and was approved for pro bono services under no circumstances is anyone permitted to review any evidentiary materials or discuss with OSINT Agency LLC any ongoing efforts being conducted apart from the law enforcement agencies assigned to the case and or by court order.

Maintaining the integrity of any OSINT investigation is a #1 top priority.

What is the difference between me searching and OSINT Agency LLC searching for me ?

There is no difference pertaining to the potential public information that may be discovered, the difference lies in how one goes about legitimately finding, documenting, recording search logs and securing the information for personal use and legal purposes.

Online search engine algorithms are notorious for returning erroneous, partial, or outdated results. This leads to wasted man hours, resources, frustration, and assumptions being made based off misleading information.

On the other hand, OSINT Agency LLC uses trained expertise to secure and validate evidentiary materials that are appropriately documented for use on all subject matter.

So, the distinction between a self-search and a professional OSINT Intelligence searches it's crucial that all discovered data must be obtained within the OSINT scope of the ethical guidelines set forth by each country. Additionally, all data recovered must be dissected using additional methods and tools in which to cross check the validity of any discoveries, be it content, images, videos, documents, websites, files and so forth. 

OSINT Intelligence is extremely powerful and advantageous when it matters the most.

What is a deception statement analysis and how can it help me?

A deception statement analysis is the examination of an individual’s own words be it in written or verbal form. OSINT Agency LLC can assist in pinpointing areas of deception, half-truths, and deliberate omissions using copies of the written statement(s) or transcripts of the verbal interviews.

All final reports include a summary of findings supplemented with suggested direct and open-ended questions for your perusal to assist in arriving at the truth.

How can Drone services help me?

Retaining an OSINT Agency LLC FAA Licensed Drone Pilot to perform aerial missions is an economical solution in contrast to procuring a helicopter. Drones can safely operate at much lower altitudes and in more confined spaces than aircraft. Photographs or video from the air with high-resolution cameras offer a perspective that cannot be attained from the ground. Drones can reach areas where helicopters are unable to travel. Within FAA 107 parameters the following drone services are available with privacy protections as per law.


  • Search-and-recovery
  • Manmade and Natural disasters
  • Landscapes
  • Crowd events
  • Real estate
  • Asset’s discovery and documentation (Watercraft, Automobiles, Aircraft, etc.)
  • Close-up surveys of a building structures

Cellular Triangulation

OSINT Agency LLC triangulation service is based off cellular tower records that have been legally obtained from the cellular service provider.

In the case of a missing person the law enforcement agency in charge of the case can subpoena the cellular records and should immediately request said records if circumstances warrant.

If you are the owner on record for the phone in question you can contact and request a copy of the cellular record from the service provider which is vastly different from a monthly cellular phone bill.

If you are not the legitimate owner of the cell phone in question or law enforcement assigned to a case, requesting triangulation service from OSINT Agency LLC will be denied.

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