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When Knowing Matters


families & law enforcement

OSINT Agency LLC provides humanitarian services on a case-by-case basis in support of families of the missing and the corresponding law enforcement agencies assigned to missing person cases since 2013.

Timing is crucial when it pertains to missing person cases. Assistance is provided to law enforcement assigned to cases upon request. OSINT agency  can assist  by researching, analyzing, and providing verifiable Intelligence data.

All OSINT Intelligence data gathered is presented to the specific law enforcement agency assigned to the case. At no time is any OSINT data released to the family or contact person connected with the case.

OSINT Agency LLC Criteria for General Public Missing Person Intake Application Services (Children and Adults)

  • You must have reported the missing person to law enforcement and have a valid missing person's case number on file.
  • You must be the verifiable Parent/Legal Guardian/Family Member/Spouse/Contact Person that is applying for OSINT Agency LLC missing person services and that your name appears as the main contact person with law enforcement assigned to the case otherwise OSINT Agency LLC will not be able to assist you.
  • If you are an Law Enforcement Agency in need of assistance please fill out the form below or call 301-242-9174.

To access the secure application portal please fill out the request form below.